About Georg Mähring


In 1995, as a young man I travelled to Oxford in England where I completed a course in furniture making and design.

Luck, and also my own desire to take such work further, lead me to the workshop of my then future Master Petter Southall.

There, on the beautiful south west coast of England I learnt furniture making as an apprentice for five years.

In the following years as an apprentice, I collected as much experience as I could in many workshops in England and America.

As a successful conclusion to this time, I studied for a year at the James Krenov School of Furniture making in California.

For the last 10 years I have been living in my home town of Graz, Austria with my wife and two children.

Here I took the exam to be a Master Cabinet Maker in 2006.

I would describe my relationship with the material of wood as a real love affair.

The choice of wood for every project takes care and can often involve working closely with you the customer.

Since anicent times humans have made their own worktools. I also like to work using my own self made planes, knives and chisels.

As I have learnt from my Master in England, so I have also passed my skills and knowledge on to younger furniture makers through traditional apprenticeships.

Through my extensive network of skilled craftspeople and architects I am able to accompany you through the process from the creation of a concept, to  the organisation and completion of large interior architectural projects.

I would also be glad to visit after a year to provide aftercare for your furniture, with the natural oils and waxes which I use exclusively on our surfaces.

Good Design should include the Process of Making
James Krenov

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I am happy to assist you with further information regarding placing a commission, prices and general information about Fine Furniture Making.

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