Extending Tables

These tables are the result of a long and intense design process. For hours and hours the client and I discussed the various options until we found the ideal dimensions for the tables which were built for an old wooden family home in the beautiful area of upper Styria. The tables should adapt to various situations, from being used by the two grandparents to accommodating a big family of 20 people.

I was happy to skip the four legs on the corner and replace them with a central column. I feel this is visually as well as ergonomically successful since the tables are standing by a corner bench. The statics were a big challenge though.

Simple and straight lines and a classic look were my aim in this design. This was especially important to the grandmother who was waving here walking stick at me to make sure I wouldn’t introduce any unnecessary curves.

Private commission
Extending Table: 100cm x 120 / 180cm
Smaller Table: 100cm x 100cm
Table’s maximum dimension: 370cm